Microplastics And Me

Microplastics And Me

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Microplastics—the broken down byproduct of plastic items we toss out every day—are choking our oceans. But middle-schooler Anna Du is on the case! Now a top science fair winner, Anna shares her account of how she went from worrying about the environment to designing award-winning solutions. Writing for kids her own age, Anna alerts her readers to the threat of microplastics pollution and urges them to care about the environment. She leads them through the frustrating-yet-rewarding process of design, engineering, and invention. This book could inspire a generation of inventors and engineers! link

Midwest Review

Microplastics and Me may sound like nonfiction (indeed, it embraces many nonfiction elements, educating readers about microplastics and conservation), but it reads with the lively inspection of fiction and will reach grades 3-6 with its story of middle grader/author Anna Du's discovery of how she translated her environmental concerns into award-winning solutions.


Microplastics and Me is a highly recommended, unique standout in the world of children's conservation writing. Its young author's enthusiasm, research, and concrete science fair tips are extraordinarily helpful and hopeful for fellow would-be young conservationists. link

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Anna Du

Anna Du is a high school student in Massachusetts. She is a nationally recognized advocate for microplastics awareness and pollution prevention. Her interest in saving the ocean from plastics pollution has lead to her becoming the top-rated female middle schooler in science fairs in the country, as she has placed first in her state science and engineering fair, became a national Broadcom MASTERS finalist twice, and was named a Top Ten Young Scientist in the US, by Discovery Education and 3M. Her works have been featured by WGBH, Huffington Post, FOX 25 News, Fast Company and Smithsonian Magazine. News about her achievements have been translated to numerous languages around the world. Her goal is to spread the word not only about the dangers of microplastics in our environment, but also about the ways to mitigate this problem. Anna is calling on young people everywhere to become STEM literate, to use their knowledge to help solve world problems that will face their generation as they get older, and to prevent further damage to the climate and the environment to help preserve Earth for generations to come.


The ocean fills up over 70% of Earth’s surface.


Plastics are synthetic polymers that can take hundreds of years to break down in the ocean.


Infrared spectroscopy is commonly used by recycling companies to clean up plastics.

8M Tonnes

Of plastics dumped into the ocean annually


Marine animals die every year because of plastics


First piece of plastic invented


Barrels of Crude Oil conserved whenever you recycle